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Chiropratica Diquigiovanni

What is chiropractic

Chiropractic is art and science, a healthcare profession that deals with treatment and analysis of biomechanics and neuromecanics of the human frame.



How does it work
Chiropractic premises is that a correct spinal alignment and a balanced nervous system are fundamental for health.

Chiropratica Diquigiovanni

Our Aim
Chiropractic corrects muscle and skeletal dysfunction with particular emphasis on the spine and pelvis. Chiropractic treats the cause, not the symptom.


The health triangle
It is important that all three components of the health triangle are balances in order to achieve health. Other than the physical component, both the chemical and psychic components must be balanced like in a equilateral triangle. A dysfunction of one or more of the triangle faces will alter its balance and can end up in symptoms and ailments.

How many appointments do I need?
Following the initial consultation, the correct number of appointments is determined in order to help the body find a better balance and resolve the symptom.

Chiropratica Diquigiovanni
Chiropratica Diquigiovanni