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Chiropractors in the heart of Bologna

Chiropractic helps the body to find balance and resolve symptoms in a natural way
Chiropratica Diquigiovanni has been providing passion and professionalism in the heart of Bologna for over 30 years.

Matteo e Alessandro are experienced chiropractors that care for issues like disc herniation, disc protrusions, chronic low back pain, sciatica and arm pain, headaches, migraines, cervical pain following whiplash, vertigo and postural issues also connected to scoliosis.


Chiropractic helps solving the cause rather than treating merely the symptom maximising biomechanics and helping the nervous system to find balance, naturally without using drugs.


Our approach is patient-centered and we offer personalised programs of care to suit the patient's clinical needs.


Our first visit combines a postural check, an orthopaedic and neurological screen, diagnostic imaging evaluation and specific chiropractic tests.

We treat the cause to resolve the symptom

Chiropratica Diquigiovanni

Trust professionals


Put your health in safe hands. Matteo e Alessandro are graduates of a university recognised by the Chiropractic Council on Education, a worldwide organisation for the accreditation of Doctor of Chiropractic degrees.

Chiropratica Diquigiovanni

Are you into sports? Chiropractic care can help
Chiropratica Diquigiovanni helps athletes of every level to resolve and prevent sports traumas, helping to boost performance and reach your goals.

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Member of Associazione Italiana Chiropratici.

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