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Whiplash Syndrome

Cervical whiplash is a common injury usually occurring following a road traffic accident. It can also happen following a sports injury or even for something as silly as missing a step.


Symptoms may vary greatly in nature and may be felt many days if not weeks after the injury. Cervical pain, headaches, nausea, vertigo or ear buzzing are some of the common symptoms that make up what is referred to as Whiplash Syndrome.


Chiropractic can spot early evidence of vertebral locking and dysfunction, acting with specific adjustments only where really needed. Although the use of medication may help to manage pain, it can in no way restore proper vertebral mobility and function following the trauma.


I was in a road traffic accident long ago. Is it too late to do something about it?


Following a whiplash injury spinal mechanics are compromised and, if the left untreated, this may accelerate the natural degenerative process of facet joints and intervertebral discs without necessarily developing symptoms. It is never too late to get a chiropractic check and get a course of treatment to improve spinal mechanics and delay degenerative changes.