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Chiropratica Diquigiovanni

Disc Herniation

The intervertebral disc is the shock absorber between two vertebrae. At times the disc looses structural stability and it buckles forming a disc bulge which often pre-empts a disc herniation. Disc herniations can compress and irritate a nerve and produce pain and symptoms like sciatica and arm pain.


Why does disc herniation happen?
In order to stay healthy a disc needs a mobile and balanced spine. The causes that can lead to a disc herniation are


  • Sedentarity
  • Chronic bad postures
  • Small repetitive traumas
  • Lift a heavy weight in the wrong way
  • Major trauma like road traffic accidents, push-bike accidents, slippping on ice etc.
  • Chronic emotional stress


When a lumbar disc herniates it can give:

  • Low back pain either across the back or only on one side
  • Pain in the gluteal region and/or in the leg, better know as "sciatica"
  • Pins and needles or numbness in the leg, calf or foot
  • Difficulty in walking on heels or toes
  • Difficulties in bearing a position for long time (either sitting or standing)


When a cervical disc herniates it can give:


  • Pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Pain in the arm and hand (brachialgia)
  • Pins and needles or numbnessin the arm and hand
  • Difficulty in gripping and/or holding the arm up
Chiropratica Diquigiovanni