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Chiropratica Diquigiovanni

Dental Malocclusion

The temporomandibular (TMJ) joints are two important articulations at either side of the face joining the mandible and the maxilla. When dysfunctional they can generate great pain locally but may also play a role in neck pain, migraines and headaches as well as chronic issues in athletes like pubalgia and recurrent muscle injuries.


Issues like clenching, bruxism or articular clicking due TMJ meniscal displacement are problems that may be dealt by chiropractors and dentists working together. More often than not, these issues reflect biomechanical alterations as well as nervous tension acting on system.


Chiropractic uses gentle techniques to relax muscles of mastication and improve motion of the TMJ articulation. It is also fundamental to determine whether a dysfunction of the cervical spine is a contributing factor to the issue, especially of C1 and C2, respectively the atlas and axis.


These issues may be dealt in accordance with gnatologists, dentists that have a specific understanding of the functional alterations of the mechanics of the TMJ and intervene to improve dental occlusion (may it be with a custom made bite, a tooth extraction or by filing a tooth asperity).