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Sport Injuries

Many athletes today decide to get checked periodically by their chiropractor in order to minimise the risk of injury and maximise performance.

Football or basket, gymnastics or ballet, whoever can benefit from chiropractic care may it be an amateur or a professional


But if sport is good for you why should I get a chiropractic checkup?
At all levels, from amateur to professionals, athletes know that it in normal to experience muscular and articular issues that can negatively influence performance. It may happen for a variety of reasons such as a bad training routine, poor technique in sport specific gestures or due to the outcomes of old surgery or yet again for dental malocclusion.


The experienced chiropractor has the skill to evaluate the issue and intervene using the appropriate technique working on muscle or articulations without the use of drugs and in a natural way. Once spinal and appendicular function is restored, the athlete can go back to training maximising performance.

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